It’s an old cliche, but first impressions do count.

Whether you’re decorating a table for a social gathering, dinner party, wedding or other special occasion, adding a centrepiece immediately makes it look sophisticated, complete, and beautiful. ​With floral centrepieces the usual go-to, why not consider adding candleware to the mix. Candles create ambience, are dreamy, and as a bonus, will illuminate your tablescape with soft lighting!

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The humble dining table was once merely a platform for food to be laid upon. 


For centuries, in times of celebration, simple flower arrangements adorned many a home and event table. 

Now is the time to break free from the traditional and get creative with your theme, your catering, and our personality!  There are no rules.

Gather a few decorative elements together to create a wow the guests will remember. It can be as simple or lavish as your imagination. The once-formal pastime has made the comeback as a super-stylish trend!

Butler+Grace is a boutique special occasion concept company based in South East Queensland
specialising in a tabletop rental service, event paper goods and everlasting botanicals.


Whether your vision is vibrant and bold or neutral and refined, we aim to provide a selection of accessories that are unique and affordable for every occasion!